Literally translated from English "push up", the push-up is a type of bra suitable for almost all breast morphologies. This piece of lingerie allows you to refocus the bust and thus offers a luscious and plunging neckline.

The chest is mainly centered towards the crotch, for the “classic” or flexible push-up model. And think again, a push-up bra is not necessarily padded!

Often there is confusion between push-up effect and ampliform effect. To give the impression of increased breast volume, you need to turn to the "padded" or "shelled" models.THE BASKET BRA

Le soutien-gorge balconnet est un des modèles les plus audacieux tout comme le push-up. Il est votre atout séduction : il dégage le haut de la poitrine, et galbe les seins vers le haut, pour un résultat glamour. Le soutien-gorge balconnet existe sous sa forme classique et en corbeille.


The bandeau bra has nothing to do with the ancestor of the one-piece bandeau bra. Today, it is a real piece of lingerie, feminine and glamorous, comfortable to wear and perfectly fitting shapes, with cuts and materials revisited. It is the bra for a high backless par excellence.


The triangle bra is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable models to wear. It fits perfectly the shape of the chest to adapt to each contour of your breasts, thus giving a beautiful natural roundness. Note that there are models with or without frames.