The different forms of panties

Like other women's underwear, the panties come in different shapes: indented, high waist or low waist.

The low-cut panties: in the low-cut version, the panties have a fairly thin fabric or lace band at the hips. The cut of the pants on the front is quite low, and thus comes to fully discover the thighs while offering a triangle shape.

High-waisted briefs: This can be cut at the thighs, it is distinguished from the classic version by a wide band of fabric or lace at the level of the lower abdomen as well as at the top of the buttocks.

Low-waisted briefs: These are generally indented at the thighs, but not systematically. The low waist version differs from the normal or high waist version by its small amount of fabric at the lower abdomen as well as at the top of the buttocks.

The classic panties: in its classic version, it covers the entire buttocks. It can be more or less indented at the thighs and hips.

The different types of strings

Like other models of lingerie stockings, the thong is available in different versions, generally, more or less indented.

There is the classic thong: it is characterized by a fairly covering part towards the front, a fairly wide belt.

The G-string: The belt and the back of the underwear are very thin. It leaves little room for the finesse of the lace.

The different shorty cuts

Generally, the shorty has a wide band of fabric or lace at the hips. It is however not to be confused with shorts or boxers. You will find more or less covering models on the buttocks.

The Brazilian shorty: it covers the hips quite broadly and slightly shows the roundness of the buttocks to go up on their middle of them. It is therefore more indented at the buttocks than a classic panty.

The shorty: It also covers the hips, but unlike the Brazilian version, it covers the buttocks quite widely, like classic panties. The shape then matches the roundness of the buttocks while the Brazilian shorty will give the impression of continuity between the strip of fabric at the hips and that covering the top of the buttocks.