Like any piece of lingerie, you must choose your bodysuit first and foremost according to your body type. Your preferences for materials and colors will come in the second phase. These precious tips will therefore prove to be essential for choosing your bodysuit! 


The silhouettes in H, 8 and X are part of the morphologies where almost everything is allowed. Indeed, all forms of body will fit you perfectly! If in addition you have a small chest, the triangular shapes and transparency are your best assets of seduction.

If on the contrary you are part of the O or V silhouettes with generous curves, the bodysuits with shells and frames will be advised to maintain your chest and enhance your curves. The sheathing form will also allow you to erase your small faults while bringing out your best assets!

The bottom shape will also matter! For the round buttocks, be careful to favor the shorty shape which will include and shape your buttocks, unlike the brief or thong shape which will cut its shape. 


If you have a small chest with a rather slender silhouette, you can once again dare without risk of bad taste! Choose your body with a very plunging neckline in front and behind if you wish, and bet on any material. Each will sublimate you in its own way.

For those who have rather generous shapes, wide straps are welcome to structure and dress your neckline. Avoid too deep necklines which will give you an overly provocative style.