Some tips for choosing your bra

Knowing how to choose the size of your bra is as important as knowing how to choose your shape. Above all, your bra must properly support your chest.
For a bra to your size, discover our bra size guide and our tips to adjust it correctly.

How to properly fit my bra?

For optimal comfort it is important to choose the right bra size and to position it correctly. Wearing an ill-fitting bra can be just as uncomfortable as wearing an improper size or shape. Beyond the unsightly aspect that a poorly positioned bra will bring, it is to your health that you can harm. A well-fitting bra can be forgotten and must be comfortable. It only takes a few simple steps to properly adjust your bra and avoid these annoyances.

Adjust my bra clips correctly

The back of your bra, i.e. the strip of fabric from your hat to your back, should be positioned parallel to the floor. If the back goes up, this can be the cause of incorrect positioning of the staples. Generally the position of the middle is suitable, ideally you should be able to pass two fingers between the fabric of the bra and your back.

Adjust the straps according to my body type

We do not all have the same length between the top of the shoulder and the tip of the breast. So, for optimal comfort and balance, you must adjust the shoulder straps according to your size. For that, a simple trick consists in checking if they are not too tight: if after having adjusted your suspenders you manage to pass a finger between the shoulder and the suspender it is that they are correctly adjusted. If you have a generous chest, choose a model with thicker straps for better support of your bust.